Food and Originality

Hey darlings,

I’m actually pretty pissed off today, and I’m trying to be happy. I haven’t heard anything about BLAH-BLAH so I guess all is good, and he hasn’t thought about me which is bittersweet. I mean every girl wants some guy to think of them or be curious about them, but at the same time I embarrassed myself really bad, plus I’m probs not his type anyway. Anyway, I got to runwalk today because I did more walking than I did running and that’s because my headphone kept falling out and I’ve got a shitload on my mind.

My Stepmom and Dad are being really lovey-dovey right now and its annoying. I know it’s supposed to be cute and I’m supposed to support them, but if she giggles all giddily one more time I’m gonna cut some vocal chords. Usually I have no problem with their intimacy, but she pissed me off today,multiple times and I want her to shut up. I promise it’s not because I’m lonely, I really don’t give a big shit about that, it’s just when you’ve been irked to the extreme, every detail of that person is annoying. I feel like terminator right now, I’m ready to do some damage. But, I won’t because I love my dad so I keep my feelings to myself, and post shit up here. Also I really don’t want to go to jail, real jail is nothing like #OITNB.

I got that 8.4 update for my iPhone and I’m hoping its good, it took a lot of space for no reason. But the layout is cute so it’s worth it, I guess.

I want food, but we ain’t got none because people be forgetting to go shopping. I’m tempted to eat a bag of popcorn, but I’ve had some almost every day this week and that’s not good for my diet. I really want food though, I had a peanut butter sandwich but its one of those days where I am grizzly hungry for some reason I can’t explain. It’s like I suddenly had a metabolism boost which I know for sure isn’t true.I could drink some water and hope it helps but, once you get food cravings water ain’t -ish, homie!

I really didn’t do anything today and the weather has been terrible for the most part. Raining on and off, so I’m stuck inside with a lovey-dovey couple, no food, and my computer. GOD HELP ME!!

I guess that’s all for today, I know I usually write like 1000 or so words but like I said today sucked and it’s still sucking and it’ll probably be a day of continuous suck.

What are you guys doing?Leave me a comment, it’s probably more fun than what I’m doing… OH YOU’RE GORGEOUS AND DESERVE ALL THE LOVE AND RICHES IN THE UNIVERSE!!


Zodiac Symbols and Puberty

Hey Guys, I know I skipped a day (BOO!!) but it was Sunday, so cut me some slack okay. As it turns out I had the worse day ever, kinda. So I’m gonna line out the whole damn story and hope you guys can help me.

Okay, so we (my stepmom, stepbro, and I) were driving down to a church to drop off my stepbro so he could go on a trip to New Jersey. So we get there and we are sitting in the car, waiting for everyone else to show up. A white car pulls up next to ours, obviously more people waiting for the trip. But then they get out, and I recognize the guy. OHHMIGOOOSH (I’m not gonna say his name) I knew him from middle school, and he was basically a midget and a squeaky voice, but now he is tall and his voice is deeper, like waaaay deeper and also I forgot to mention he got HOT! Like who decides that? Because if there is a hot fairy out there I need fairy bait or something. Anyways, I say to my brother I think that’s Blah-Blah and so my idiot bro goes BLAH-BLAH and he doesn’t answer so I go bro stop it’s not him. But my brother being who he is, goes “you said his name was BLAH-BLAH?” He turned around and I hid in the backseat of the car. But he walked over to our car to my side to see who I was;I was like hey do you remember me? and he was like you went to my middle school and I was said “WOW YOU’VE GROWN SO BIG,YOU USED TO BE A MIDGET.” That’s what I said guys, yup. Take notes this is how to embarrass yourself in front of a hot guy. His reply was all cool, too like the words rolled off his shoulders. He said ” Yeah, puberty.” ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? He just smiled at me and I swear it suddenly was hot as hell. Now to make matters worse, I learned that I was giving him goo-goo eyes and talking in a flirty voice. OHFUCKMYLIFE but, my stepmom said he was staring at me, but I’m pretty sure that was a confidence boost or something. She says that even after the conversation was over he was staring over at me from his car or whatever and it gave me major feels I’m not gonna lie, but I doubt that it was actually the case. I probably looked like a hobbit and that was causing him to look at me, so he could figure out whether or not I was gonna escaped to the Shire.

I thought about that all day yesterday, following that conversation. I was freaking out, like he probably thinks I’m weird and I felt bad for my stepbro because he is going on a trip with him and he’ll tell my brother I’m a weirdo and that he wants to file a restraining order against me or something. What do you guys think about this?

I’m watching Magic Mike and I love that movie, I’m just upset that Matthew McConaughey didn’t have his own dance, but I am in bliss with this movie.I mean who thinks half-naked hot guys doing body rolls isn’t attractive? I sure as hell don’t, I enjoy it way more than I should. I’m hoping to go see the second one because I love Childish Gambino (aka Danny Glover) he is hilarious, plus hot half-naked guys, I mean come on. I feel like if I ever do end up in a relationship, my boyfriend better study this movie because they have set the bar pretty high.

Big Brother is the most irritating show on television, I mean the whole plot is basically make a bunch of people do random shit for power that doesn’t mean shit and all the while they’ll lie and deceive each other to win some money. They have these alliances that their all breaking “secretly” even though its pretty damn obvious. I am currently watching the show as we speak, because my stepmother loves it. By the way guys, I don’t call my stepmom by her name or anything I call her “Mom” because, my birth mother was never around (by choice might I add) so if I say Mom that’s who I am referring to. I hate the stepmom label especially in her case, because she deserves a better title than that. Same thing with the stepbrother label;he’s just my brother, we grew up together, we help each other and we understand one another.

My Zodiac is a Cancer, and apparently were the best at seduction; whatever that means. I don’t think calling your cat over to you can be considered seduction, and it’s not like I have anyone to practice that on anyway.

So I was watching the news after the Supreme Court Decision to make gay marriage legal in all 50 states and if you read any of my other rants then you’d know that I support it, however there are photos of gay people mocking other religions, like the one where the gay guy was making out with Jesus while he was on the cross. I’m no perfect religious person, I curse like bloody sailor but I’m not gonna disrespect someone else’s religion. That had nothing to do with celebrating their achievements and the ability to share their love for each other, it was blatant disrespect and I didn’t appreciate it, at all. Especially considering so many people were accepting to them for their differences and then they do this? Or how about the one with the gay guy in a thong with a rabbi thing (sorry don’t know what it’s called) around his neck and a kippah on his head, running around. How is that okay?

I burned my tongue on some hot chocolate and now the entire front of my tongue is covered with those white little bumps and they are annoying and sting when I have anything with citrus in it burns like hell. So that sucks…

SO what are you guys up to, because I don’t really have anything else to talk about today, but I will update tomorrow.



p.s. I’ve just started using Polyvore so if you guys have it, comment your names and I’ll add you, just add me back when I do.

Do you believe in love at first sight?




People will tell you that there’s no way there’s love at first glance.

but i do. because it happened to a Girl.

if i tell you a story, will you promise to keep quiet?


so this is how the story goes.

There’s this guy.

he was a junior in high school,

and she, a newly frosh student.

days arrived,

she is in the gymnasium with her friends,

and he was there, standing,

wandering around with a guy in his batch.

and then she spotted him, staring at her.

everything went in slow motion.

that’s when she knew, that she’s attracted to him.

and so long,

they became close.

she was heart broken by the fact that,

she thought he is attracted to her

but then there was a huge problem.

he has a girlfriend.

she thought that the unsaid feelings from him was the fact that…

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Bitter Smoothies and Arranged Marriages


It’ 8:09AM and I have no idea why I tell you the time when I write these, I just think its cool. Last night I hung out with my stepbrother and I laughed more yesterday than I have for a very long time. I have been focused on other things for a while and haven’t worried about myself which is bad,guys! Remember to have days for yourself, or at least some time for yourself to make sure you’re okay.

I wanted to exercise today but it’s pouring rain and my dad will not let me go running in the rain and if it decides to get hot today I’m gonna be beyond pissed cause I really need to workout an I feel like when I don’t for like a week I’m messing up. I ate bad yesterday guys, I know shame on me right! I had fro-yo, and popcorn and oatmeal late at night for some reason. But starting Monday I’ll be putting myself back on track.

My birthday is July 12 guys which is like 2 weeks away and I’ll be 16 years of age. Which means I can actually fill out a job application that will matter, I can’t really do anything else.I love reading horoscopes even though sometimes they are such bullshit, it’s kinda like a safe haven of hope for me. They tell me life gets better or that someone out there wants me or something but, none of that shit ever happens cause I’m a single pringle,my niggle 😆.

This morning when I woke up my dad and stepmom confronted me about my very single-ness, and I swear it was the most uncomfortable situation I’ve ever been in, worse than the homeless guy on the playground who was trying to bathe in the creek and change clothes in front of me (I was like 13 when this happened btw). They threatened basically to put me in an arranged marriage because I’m not dating, first of all I’m not 16 yet I’ve got two damn weeks so back tf up. Secondly no one in Maryland even likes me, maybe if we lived somewhere else sure, why the hell not. BUT WE DON’T AND THE BOYS AROUND HERE ONLY WANT SEX FROM YOU! But I  can’t tell my dad that so I just say no I’ll figure it out myself, and here’s the kicker… he said how are you gonna figure it out if you don’t even talk to anybody?😨 That hurt like a mother, because I do try it’s not like I don’t want to date or something but no one, and I do mean no one likes me enough to date me. I’m the girl the guys get advice from and the one that helps them understand when they are in the wrong with their  partner. I’m like that dirtball that flies in the wind in every old ass western movie.

But, enough with my teenage desperation, here’s something helpful. After eating citrus fruit (lemons, oranges, grapefruit) rub the peel on your skin, but smoothly. This eats at dead skin, cleans oils that cause acne and a bunch of other shit that is cool too. After rubbing leave on for 15 minutes, and then wipe off with a warm cloth and follow with a moisturizer. I do it at least one a week and I am pretty sure its doing something cause I usually have really bad acne. My face is closer to clear than it’s ever been so blah. I would show you guys but I look like a sloth with curly hair.

I hate summer assignments, like tf? How am I supposed to know this shit already, the point of taking physics next year is to learn, so why tf do I have a large packet sitting in my room with minimal directions and I’m honestly tempted to google the whole damn thing. I actually like my English assignment because the book I chose ‘Running With Scissors’ by Augusten Burroughs (I totally recommend it for those who like funny non-fiction books).

I honestly love books so much, I even love teen romance books but, it’s like i said yesterday sometimes I hate the idea that our lives seem so impossible to the concepts presented. I want a gorgeous guy who isn’t supposed to notice a girl like me and actually like me. But life isn’t that way, and I’m coming to understand that. To some people I am bitter towards love, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Love has been bitter to me, and avoids me like the dan plague. I need to stop talking  about love because that is not the purpose of this rant. Who the hell am I kidding though, its my damn rant page and I say whatever the hell I want! BOOM SHAKALAKA!!

I like fitness smoothies, like a lot. Even the non-delicious ones, I feel like I’m doing my body good. I don’t know if I could ever do a juice cleanse, but maybe down the line I will. But I love like actually food way too much so I doubt I would even last two days

I love Rixton. Like so damn much, guys. Listen to their album Let the Road, it’s worth it. I just love their sound, and their lyrics are deep and relatable. Gosh, its just beautiful.

I feel like I should ask you guys questions but I wouldn’t even know what to ask honestly. I would be like do you like crayons? Like that’s the level my questions are at, and it’s sad. I wish I knew you guys better. I live in Maryland and have been here all my life, but no one fun lives here. I am surrounded my infants, fuckboys,THOTS, and old people and I feel like I don’t really fit in here. I have a small group of friends, there are four of us and that is it because everyone else is annoying.

But anyways, I thank you for reading this and I hope you have the greatest day ever because you readers out there make my day when you give my blog a chance and if you message me or leave some stuff down there in that lovely Leave a Reply section I will gladly check out your blog and make comments and follow you and stuff. So yeah, and follow me on twitter because I’m new to it and have like 16 followers 😒 and that shit is weak.

Ok lovelies have a great day,


(pronounced kay-la in case you were wondering but you probably weren’t)

Cliche Cheerleading Movies and iPhone Headphones [06/26/2015]

It is now 10:52AM and I’m listening to Nate Ruess’ new album ‘The Grand Romantic’  and I am officially in love, guys. If you get the opportunity then you should listen to it. But anyways I was watching one of the Bring It On movies (which I used to adore) and I was actually irritated with the cliché-ness of it. I feel like it’s those movies that gives us like so much hope for some reason and when we get older we have to face the fact that the whole thing is an illusion and its bullshit! I feel like if movies were a bit more honest and true to life and love then we’d have a better understanding of the world. When I became a teenager and I finally really got interested in boys and stuff (stupid female hormones) I had unrealistic ideas about how it would go, but my stupid young self had NO IDEA that guys were penis faces and really don’t care about your feelings. But I know better now, and maybe that’s why I have such an animosity towards romance movies, I’d rather watch a horror movie (LOVE THEM) or Magic Mike.. I might go watch that anyway 😉

Anyway, I’ve been trying to get healthy and stuff so I usually work out like everyday or so but this week I’ve kinda been slacking, I mean I took a walk yesterday and did some other ab exercises and shit but I feel like I’m not even doing enough. By the way, if you go to the grocery store look in the noodles section and get the noodles made of vegetables, sounds disgusting, right? NO, they are amazing and they keep you healthy so try them out because I care about other people’s health.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Carter Reynolds, and the controversy following him right now. If you have then kudos to you, you social butterfly,you! If not it’s okay, he’s not even that cute anyway. But back to my subject, someone hacked into his iCloud and posted a video of him and his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend and he’s trying to force her to suck his dick on camera, she refused and he continued to pressure her into it and she still said no so he jerked off on camera. First of all, why was everyone so surprised, he’s been an asshole for a long time (sorry if you’re a fan) but he did cheat on his girlfriend and try to play it cool when she came out in public. It’s really disgusting how he has fans that eat his every word and try to put some blame on his ex in this situation when they don’t realize it makes her look bad and it wasn’t even her fault. But whatever, I don’t really belong to a “fandom” but I do like the people. I just think that the whole situation is dumb and the way that your “fans” treat people is wrong you should call them out but instead you sit smug on our twitter throne and watch them tear someone apart even if you are at fault. SOMEBODY GIVE MR. CARTER REYNOLDS THE DOUCHE-BAG OF THE YEAR AWARD!!

On a brighter note, I’m applying for jobs which by the way are the most stressful things and it’s just the application. If you’re a teenager looking for places that hire I know Starbucks, Safeway, Hollister, Journeys, Abercrombie and Fitch do. So if you were wondering where to go, you should try them out because they seem like pretty cool places to work.

Oh I almost forgot, you look beautiful today lovelies! You’re probably like this bitch is stalking me, I promise I’m not 😉 I just wanted to remind you guys that you are and that no one can tell you otherwise, not even yourself.  I know its hard to remember sometimes, all it takes is to look on Twitter or Instagram and see people who look better than you,have more followers & likes, and people thirst trapping over them, but if I knew you I would thirst trap over you guys all day because every one should feel wanted.

So Marriage Equality was made legal today and I’m so happy because everyone deserves to be with the one they love and no one should tell people they can’t tie themselves to one person for the rest of their lives because they are the same gender. I don’t like how as soon as it was announced there were people like “this is wrong” or “this is a sin against God” and honestly I feel like we’ve all sinned if we are gonna look from a religious standpoint. Were supposed to love each other and not judge one another for our differences so why is this difference such a problem.

So if you read this, thank you. You are a beautiful soul and I honestly love you so much because you care to listen to what someone else thinks and that makes you beautiful in my eyes. So Thanks.😍

If you have any questions you want me to answer or if you want me to check out your blog or something I would love to. So leave a comment for me and I’ll get back to you like immediately. Seriously.

Peace Out Homies,


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