Bitter Smoothies and Arranged Marriages


It’ 8:09AM and I have no idea why I tell you the time when I write these, I just think its cool. Last night I hung out with my stepbrother and I laughed more yesterday than I have for a very long time. I have been focused on other things for a while and haven’t worried about myself which is bad,guys! Remember to have days for yourself, or at least some time for yourself to make sure you’re okay.

I wanted to exercise today but it’s pouring rain and my dad will not let me go running in the rain and if it decides to get hot today I’m gonna be beyond pissed cause I really need to workout an I feel like when I don’t for like a week I’m messing up. I ate bad yesterday guys, I know shame on me right! I had fro-yo, and popcorn and oatmeal late at night for some reason. But starting Monday I’ll be putting myself back on track.

My birthday is July 12 guys which is like 2 weeks away and I’ll be 16 years of age. Which means I can actually fill out a job application that will matter, I can’t really do anything else.I love reading horoscopes even though sometimes they are such bullshit, it’s kinda like a safe haven of hope for me. They tell me life gets better or that someone out there wants me or something but, none of that shit ever happens cause I’m a single pringle,my niggle 😆.

This morning when I woke up my dad and stepmom confronted me about my very single-ness, and I swear it was the most uncomfortable situation I’ve ever been in, worse than the homeless guy on the playground who was trying to bathe in the creek and change clothes in front of me (I was like 13 when this happened btw). They threatened basically to put me in an arranged marriage because I’m not dating, first of all I’m not 16 yet I’ve got two damn weeks so back tf up. Secondly no one in Maryland even likes me, maybe if we lived somewhere else sure, why the hell not. BUT WE DON’T AND THE BOYS AROUND HERE ONLY WANT SEX FROM YOU! But I  can’t tell my dad that so I just say no I’ll figure it out myself, and here’s the kicker… he said how are you gonna figure it out if you don’t even talk to anybody?😨 That hurt like a mother, because I do try it’s not like I don’t want to date or something but no one, and I do mean no one likes me enough to date me. I’m the girl the guys get advice from and the one that helps them understand when they are in the wrong with their  partner. I’m like that dirtball that flies in the wind in every old ass western movie.

But, enough with my teenage desperation, here’s something helpful. After eating citrus fruit (lemons, oranges, grapefruit) rub the peel on your skin, but smoothly. This eats at dead skin, cleans oils that cause acne and a bunch of other shit that is cool too. After rubbing leave on for 15 minutes, and then wipe off with a warm cloth and follow with a moisturizer. I do it at least one a week and I am pretty sure its doing something cause I usually have really bad acne. My face is closer to clear than it’s ever been so blah. I would show you guys but I look like a sloth with curly hair.

I hate summer assignments, like tf? How am I supposed to know this shit already, the point of taking physics next year is to learn, so why tf do I have a large packet sitting in my room with minimal directions and I’m honestly tempted to google the whole damn thing. I actually like my English assignment because the book I chose ‘Running With Scissors’ by Augusten Burroughs (I totally recommend it for those who like funny non-fiction books).

I honestly love books so much, I even love teen romance books but, it’s like i said yesterday sometimes I hate the idea that our lives seem so impossible to the concepts presented. I want a gorgeous guy who isn’t supposed to notice a girl like me and actually like me. But life isn’t that way, and I’m coming to understand that. To some people I am bitter towards love, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Love has been bitter to me, and avoids me like the dan plague. I need to stop talking  about love because that is not the purpose of this rant. Who the hell am I kidding though, its my damn rant page and I say whatever the hell I want! BOOM SHAKALAKA!!

I like fitness smoothies, like a lot. Even the non-delicious ones, I feel like I’m doing my body good. I don’t know if I could ever do a juice cleanse, but maybe down the line I will. But I love like actually food way too much so I doubt I would even last two days

I love Rixton. Like so damn much, guys. Listen to their album Let the Road, it’s worth it. I just love their sound, and their lyrics are deep and relatable. Gosh, its just beautiful.

I feel like I should ask you guys questions but I wouldn’t even know what to ask honestly. I would be like do you like crayons? Like that’s the level my questions are at, and it’s sad. I wish I knew you guys better. I live in Maryland and have been here all my life, but no one fun lives here. I am surrounded my infants, fuckboys,THOTS, and old people and I feel like I don’t really fit in here. I have a small group of friends, there are four of us and that is it because everyone else is annoying.

But anyways, I thank you for reading this and I hope you have the greatest day ever because you readers out there make my day when you give my blog a chance and if you message me or leave some stuff down there in that lovely Leave a Reply section I will gladly check out your blog and make comments and follow you and stuff. So yeah, and follow me on twitter because I’m new to it and have like 16 followers 😒 and that shit is weak.

Ok lovelies have a great day,


(pronounced kay-la in case you were wondering but you probably weren’t)


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