Food and Originality

Hey darlings,

I’m actually pretty pissed off today, and I’m trying to be happy. I haven’t heard anything about BLAH-BLAH so I guess all is good, and he hasn’t thought about me which is bittersweet. I mean every girl wants some guy to think of them or be curious about them, but at the same time I embarrassed myself really bad, plus I’m probs not his type anyway. Anyway, I got to runwalk today because I did more walking than I did running and that’s because my headphone kept falling out and I’ve got a shitload on my mind.

My Stepmom and Dad are being really lovey-dovey right now and its annoying. I know it’s supposed to be cute and I’m supposed to support them, but if she giggles all giddily one more time I’m gonna cut some vocal chords. Usually I have no problem with their intimacy, but she pissed me off today,multiple times and I want her to shut up. I promise it’s not because I’m lonely, I really don’t give a big shit about that, it’s just when you’ve been irked to the extreme, every detail of that person is annoying. I feel like terminator right now, I’m ready to do some damage. But, I won’t because I love my dad so I keep my feelings to myself, and post shit up here. Also I really don’t want to go to jail, real jail is nothing like #OITNB.

I got that 8.4 update for my iPhone and I’m hoping its good, it took a lot of space for no reason. But the layout is cute so it’s worth it, I guess.

I want food, but we ain’t got none because people be forgetting to go shopping. I’m tempted to eat a bag of popcorn, but I’ve had some almost every day this week and that’s not good for my diet. I really want food though, I had a peanut butter sandwich but its one of those days where I am grizzly hungry for some reason I can’t explain. It’s like I suddenly had a metabolism boost which I know for sure isn’t true.I could drink some water and hope it helps but, once you get food cravings water ain’t -ish, homie!

I really didn’t do anything today and the weather has been terrible for the most part. Raining on and off, so I’m stuck inside with a lovey-dovey couple, no food, and my computer. GOD HELP ME!!

I guess that’s all for today, I know I usually write like 1000 or so words but like I said today sucked and it’s still sucking and it’ll probably be a day of continuous suck.

What are you guys doing?Leave me a comment, it’s probably more fun than what I’m doing… OH YOU’RE GORGEOUS AND DESERVE ALL THE LOVE AND RICHES IN THE UNIVERSE!!



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