Ezra Miller and Cheerios

Hola mis amigos,

This week is spirit week at my school and I’ve gotten spirity once, and that was pajama day. Now tomorrow is Pride day for our school where we celebrate our teams and school pride and stuff. I am literally about to go ALL OUT , I’m rocking gladiator braids and I’m gonna paint my face. I’m gonna be spirity as fuck.

I’m watching We Need To Talk About Kevin, and I’m throughly pissed off. This kids problem is that his mother was telling him he wasn’t wanted and that she rather be somewhere else, and then gets mad as hell when he doesn’t want to be around her. But I haven’t finished watching it so whatever.

Ezra Miller is gorgeous as fuck and maybe I’m very late on the Miller fan train or whatever but he’s literally one of the most gorgeous people I have ever seen, and he’s extremely talented, but he’s 23 so… *cries in corner*

I love Cheerios and I mean it. I will eat dry Cheerios for a snack before I dare pick up a damn potato chip (eww).

I really have nothing else to talk about for right now but I will be back tomorrow. MWAAHAHA!!!!

P.S. If you need any advice or anything then leave me a message down below or get in contact with me via my social media which are in here somewhere. I gotta go peeples

Peace Out




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  1. Omg it was our spirit week too!! I did pj day today which was wonderful and twin day with my best friend! I’m going all out tomorrow as well for school spirit!! XD

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