Back To School (Senior Year Edition)

SO if you haven’t guessed by the heading Im a senior in high school…yay! *insert sarcasm*

I’m not ready for school whatsoever, literally. I got to school in 2 days and I have no supplies…at all.

In case you haven’t noticed I’m constantly posting fashion sets via polyvore. The reason being that I want to go to school in New York and study fashion merchandising. However, I’m as broke as Donald Trumps ex wife so I’ll probably have to go to school in Maryland.

Usually every one is excited about their Senior Year but I am so terrified because it signals and end to the easiest difficult part of my life, and I know it only gets harder from here.

ANYWAY I have gotten back into working out and I lost some weight and thats a good thing right until you wear a pair of jeans and realized that in the mist of my sweating off the fat glory I worked my ass off literally, I have no ass whatsoever. So now a lot of my exercises focus on the strengthening of my glutes. I look like those hideous people who try to wear mom jeans in regular jeans like its really that bad.

In other news I’ve moved in with my dad for this school year and the one good thing thats come from it is … *drumroll please* WIFI!!!!! WIFI MF YEAAAAHHHHHH

I’m a weirdo that should be known by now…

I guess thats all for now, more updates in the future. You’re all gorgeous internet baddies to me

Peace Out Homies


Win $10,000 from Hollister! Click the link in the description for more information.

Win $10,000 from Hollister! Click the link in the description for more information.

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From Day to Night: Fun Clutch

From Day to Night: Fun Clutch

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Dear Denim,

Dear Denim,

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Mary Janes: A Modern Spin on a Classic Look

Mary Janes: A Modern Spin on a Classic Look

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