I am utterly lost.

I mean completely lost with myself, and my direction

Where am I going?

I honestly have so many dreams, so many aspirations, so many hopes, and it feels like everything is just falling apart around me. I feel like I am standing 7,000 feet above the ground watching everything collapse below. Is it possible that I am being overly dramatic? Sure, I’m seventeen fucking years old and thats what happens, we have emotions we cant explain, and the hardships we face thus far feel life altering.

I got into my dream college in New York City,

And  I cant afford to go.

I’m understanding that its a part of growing up, you don’t always get what you want and that may not be the path set for you. But FUCK does it hurt when the one reason you worked your ass off in high school is so close but still so far away.

Instead I have to settle between Stevenson University and CCBC

nothing against community college or CCBC because a college education is a college education regardless, and nothing against Stevenson because I also love it there. But at the same time I’m gonna be real, I’m black. Stevenson’s campus is diverse but not quite in the way you’d think. There are a lot of people there from different backgrounds whom think the same and that bothers me when considering the field I am studying.

I am a Fashion Merchandising major, and I am damn sure proud.

I love the fashion industry and I plan to be someone who makes a large impact on the way people see clothing, beauty, and appreciate people for their differences through the way they present themselves.

I plan to visit places far more beautiful than I could’ve imagined, and places that need help for my soul and for my branding.

Right now, I am just a girl who has yet to figure out where she’s supposed to go and she’s trying to be okay with that.

In slightly less depressing news, I have watched 13 Reasons Why (why I said slightly less depressing) and I have two words for you…


Seriously, I felt so many emotions during the viewing of this program and I learned so much , not just about what each character was facing but about myself

If you watch the program you’ll realize there is a little bit of you in every character, even the ones you don’t like.

Anyway, I hope someone reads this and it teaches them something honeslty idk

k bye,


The Cover Up – Jackets by Superdry: Contest Entry

The Cover Up – Jackets by Superdry: Contest Entry

Home Sick

From the title of this blog you can infer my current state of being is not so well. By “Home Sick” I do not mean I’ve made some voyage far from home and have acquired some knowledge thereof such an interesting place.

No I am legit at home, sick. Never fear I’m not dying or anything (only on the inside), I am just having chronic sinus headaches that kick my ass on a daily basis.

What shall I do with this wonderfully warm Friday in Maryland? I sit behind my computer as the sun sheds its rays upon my skin through the shades of my living room, basking in the warmth it gives the carpet. Also take like a crap load of Tylenol because I have no more Aleve.

I’m pretty sure I could study, discover a new book, do some yoga (lol) but, I chose to just sit here and look a what I would buy when my check comes in. Therefore my PacSun, Forever 21 and Journeys wish lists are growing out of control and I need to find a better outlet. So to anyone out there reading this, who knows of any cute online boutiques that don’t break the bank, could you please comment. This is a life or death situation…

lol I’m so miserably dramatic

I keep saying I’m gonna keep up with this blog but lets be honest between high school and work loads the spaces between are used for rest and eating, and the occasional bathroom break.

I used to dream about having a blog that a ton of people read and I can interact with, people who understand me and get my awkward form of humor. But until then I write to you…

Sike, I love y’all too.

But seriously I do hope that eventually this blog will go big places and do big things for people, as all us bloggers do. I would honestly like to inspire girls and boys to be themselves, their naturally awkward, low-key hilarious, high-key gorgeous selves.

Be yourselves flaws and all, cause either way you’re a doll.

I’m lame, Peace Out


The understated espadrille – the heroes of summer

For anyone in need of a peep-less shoe for the end of summer…

Life Lessons with Lucy

As someone who is chronically too lazy to paint my toenails and with a mild phobia of feet, I am loathe to force them on any poor pedicurist. Thus summer sandals are not my friends, and peep toes? – positively enemies. This should make summer shoes a minefield, if it wasn’t for the gloriously understated espadrilles. Comfortable, toe-hiding, and undeniably summery, espadrilles are the understated heroes of summer.

FullSizeRenderI got these espadrilles from Shopbop at the beginning of the summer from the most glorious new brand, Soludos. I think they are probably the most complimented thing I’ve ever worn (take from this what you will), and although the ordering process was exceedingly complicated – it involved sending my dad on a recon mission through 3 villages after the departing UPS van, they are so, so worth it (though perhaps not to my long-suffering dad).

I have sadly now ruined mine…

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