Cliche Cheerleading Movies and iPhone Headphones [06/26/2015]

It is now 10:52AM and I’m listening to Nate Ruess’ new album ‘The Grand Romantic’  and I am officially in love, guys. If you get the opportunity then you should listen to it. But anyways I was watching one of the Bring It On movies (which I used to adore) and I was actually irritated with the cliché-ness of it. I feel like it’s those movies that gives us like so much hope for some reason and when we get older we have to face the fact that the whole thing is an illusion and its bullshit! I feel like if movies were a bit more honest and true to life and love then we’d have a better understanding of the world. When I became a teenager and I finally really got interested in boys and stuff (stupid female hormones) I had unrealistic ideas about how it would go, but my stupid young self had NO IDEA that guys were penis faces and really don’t care about your feelings. But I know better now, and maybe that’s why I have such an animosity towards romance movies, I’d rather watch a horror movie (LOVE THEM) or Magic Mike.. I might go watch that anyway 😉

Anyway, I’ve been trying to get healthy and stuff so I usually work out like everyday or so but this week I’ve kinda been slacking, I mean I took a walk yesterday and did some other ab exercises and shit but I feel like I’m not even doing enough. By the way, if you go to the grocery store look in the noodles section and get the noodles made of vegetables, sounds disgusting, right? NO, they are amazing and they keep you healthy so try them out because I care about other people’s health.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Carter Reynolds, and the controversy following him right now. If you have then kudos to you, you social butterfly,you! If not it’s okay, he’s not even that cute anyway. But back to my subject, someone hacked into his iCloud and posted a video of him and his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend and he’s trying to force her to suck his dick on camera, she refused and he continued to pressure her into it and she still said no so he jerked off on camera. First of all, why was everyone so surprised, he’s been an asshole for a long time (sorry if you’re a fan) but he did cheat on his girlfriend and try to play it cool when she came out in public. It’s really disgusting how he has fans that eat his every word and try to put some blame on his ex in this situation when they don’t realize it makes her look bad and it wasn’t even her fault. But whatever, I don’t really belong to a “fandom” but I do like the people. I just think that the whole situation is dumb and the way that your “fans” treat people is wrong you should call them out but instead you sit smug on our twitter throne and watch them tear someone apart even if you are at fault. SOMEBODY GIVE MR. CARTER REYNOLDS THE DOUCHE-BAG OF THE YEAR AWARD!!

On a brighter note, I’m applying for jobs which by the way are the most stressful things and it’s just the application. If you’re a teenager looking for places that hire I know Starbucks, Safeway, Hollister, Journeys, Abercrombie and Fitch do. So if you were wondering where to go, you should try them out because they seem like pretty cool places to work.

Oh I almost forgot, you look beautiful today lovelies! You’re probably like this bitch is stalking me, I promise I’m not 😉 I just wanted to remind you guys that you are and that no one can tell you otherwise, not even yourself.  I know its hard to remember sometimes, all it takes is to look on Twitter or Instagram and see people who look better than you,have more followers & likes, and people thirst trapping over them, but if I knew you I would thirst trap over you guys all day because every one should feel wanted.

So Marriage Equality was made legal today and I’m so happy because everyone deserves to be with the one they love and no one should tell people they can’t tie themselves to one person for the rest of their lives because they are the same gender. I don’t like how as soon as it was announced there were people like “this is wrong” or “this is a sin against God” and honestly I feel like we’ve all sinned if we are gonna look from a religious standpoint. Were supposed to love each other and not judge one another for our differences so why is this difference such a problem.

So if you read this, thank you. You are a beautiful soul and I honestly love you so much because you care to listen to what someone else thinks and that makes you beautiful in my eyes. So Thanks.😍

If you have any questions you want me to answer or if you want me to check out your blog or something I would love to. So leave a comment for me and I’ll get back to you like immediately. Seriously.

Peace Out Homies,


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  1. That’s what I’m talking about! Where them boys at huh? Like in the movies, we’re supposed to be showering in them they shine by their absence

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