Do you believe in love at first sight?


"She's like poetry, like prose and love letters and lyrics, cascading down the center of a page."


People will tell you that there’s no way there’s love at first glance.

but i do. because it happened to a Girl.

if i tell you a story, will you promise to keep quiet?


so this is how the story goes.

There’s this guy.

he was a junior in high school,

and she, a newly frosh student.

days arrived,

she is in the gymnasium with her friends,

and he was there, standing,

wandering around with a guy in his batch.

and then she spotted him, staring at her.

everything went in slow motion.

that’s when she knew, that she’s attracted to him.

and so long,

they became close.

she was heart broken by the fact that,

she thought he is attracted to her

but then there was a huge problem.

he has a girlfriend.

she thought that the unsaid feelings from him was the fact that…

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