I’m a Lousy Individual Who Graduated High School, somehow.

Hello mates,

Long time no speak, and that’s completely my fault. I’ve been lazy in every sense of the word and by now can probably speak a foreign language with my double chin. In other news, I MADE IT! I managed to graduate and be completely unscathed from any boy drama, or any relationships at all, I’m not pregnant or planning to become pregnant.

Here is where all my joy went downhill…

College, sure its not for everyone but i’ve always been 100% sure it was for me, however recently I have been struggling with the prospect financially, and emotionally. My family puts a lot of stress on me to go to college being that I am the first child to be excepted into a university, so I’ve decided….




To take a GAP year.

Yeah, I said it, a gap year. I’m going to work and save money, and my hope is that by this time next year I could be traveling through Europe (if any of you live there, leave a message I wanna know what your home is like…in a non-creepy way).


In other news, I have had a lot of time to do some researching about the prospect of me moving to California in my near future. First of all, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUQ? I RESEARCHED SOME OF THE MOST EXPENSIVE AREAS TO LIVE IN, SIMPLY FOR CURIOSITY AND GUESS TF WHAT! THEY HAVE THE HIGHEST CRIME LEVELS THAN SOME AREAS WITH LOWER RENT OR COSTS OF LIVING.


I’ve also been researching living abroad, in places such as Italy, London, and South Korea and I kinda really want to leave the United States but i dunno.

It’s 2 am and I’ve got to be up early tomorrow

soooooo until the next update…




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