The understated espadrille – the heroes of summer

For anyone in need of a peep-less shoe for the end of summer…

Life Lessons with Lucy

As someone who is chronically too lazy to paint my toenails and with a mild phobia of feet, I am loathe to force them on any poor pedicurist. Thus summer sandals are not my friends, and peep toes? – positively enemies. This should make summer shoes a minefield, if it wasn’t for the gloriously understated espadrilles. Comfortable, toe-hiding, and undeniably summery, espadrilles are the understated heroes of summer.

FullSizeRenderI got these espadrilles from Shopbop at the beginning of the summer from the most glorious new brand, Soludos. I think they are probably the most complimented thing I’ve ever worn (take from this what you will), and although the ordering process was exceedingly complicated – it involved sending my dad on a recon mission through 3 villages after the departing UPS van, they are so, so worth it (though perhaps not to my long-suffering dad).

I have sadly now ruined mine…

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