I’m A Lazy Ass


It’s been a few months since I’ve posted on here, and id like to say that I took a hiatus to do something meaningful like to make a medical discovery, or to find myself ,lol neither of those have happened. I’m just a lazy mofo and I’ve had no energy to write anything. Now that I’ve had a lazy spout I’m back and the same as ever.

UPDATE ON MY LIFE: I have had a decently adventurous past few months, I nearly had a boyfriend (insert eyebrow wiggling), I went to a college prep seminar, I began a story on Wattpad and a bunch of other shit.Where do I start?

Considering most of my readers (lol what are those) are girls I’ll start with the whole boyfriend thing. I met him at the school science fair and I having terrible experiences with boys turned completely red in the face, and I’m mixed so its generally hard to see. But NO not that day, I was red as a muthafreaking tomato. He just walked over to me and started talking to me, I answered his question and generally avoided eye contact with him for two reasons…

1.I’m shy as fuck

2. He’s tall and smelled really good

anyway he talked to me nearly the whole time and then afterwards I barely saw him at school and I had no intention of talking to him because I am a complete chicken. One day I am on twitter laughing my ass off and i see in the recommendations his twitter name, so naturally I followed him. I didn’t think anything would come it but, he messaged me immediately. We talked for a while and then, HE ASKED KINDLY FOR MY NUMBER.

no hey ma,lemme get yo numba or you should just text me


So for about two months we hung out and talked, he was cute,sweet, funny, honest and I liked him so much. Key word here LIKED. As I was saying we only lasted two months, strange huh? He seemed so great, this mofo decided as a senior that he was not ready for  relationship because he always get hurt (afterwards I found out he treated his GFs like 💩), and he’s going to college and isn’t gonna have time for me…


He gave me that whole we can still be friends speech, and I was not having it because he broke I off so cliche-ish and Im not down with that. Funny that now he’s on Twitter complaining about being single.


Now that I’ve got that out, I’m gonna talk about my health thing I was doing…yeah i failed that. I’ve gained weight because I’ve been emotional and busy BUT I have been working out.

I’m watching Uncommon Sense and they are getting in Charlemagne’s ass and its the hardestI have laughed recently. It went on commercial and When the Bough Breaks is the trailer it showed and I just want to point out some stupidities.

First of all who decides to let some random girl be a surrogate without doing a background check…ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED? Let me just put my DNA in someone I know-nothing about and hope that they don’t steal my shit, take my baby and run.

Secondly I know she struggles to have a baby but, how many children exist in the world without parents. I don’t know where you all stand on this but so many kids don’t have a home and I personally feel that when I get married and decide to have children my first child will be adopted. Not because Im afraid but because I hate seeing children without shoes, food, and coming to school dirty and ashamed of themselves. Its absolutely heartbreaking.I know this is a really deep but damn it I felt it.

Anyways I hope that I can actually make a commitment to write lol cause I’m a lazy mofo and i hope you like whatever this shit is that I typed.


lol bye biatches



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