Spirit Sticks and Over Indulgence


I thought I’d start it off a little different, a little refresher. So my Pep Rally day was today and it was off the phoshizzle. I can hardly speak right now I screamed too much, and also I can’t really move my face too much or my paint will fall off. It was turnt and I took so many “ussies” (whatever the hell that means) I have my Parkville Pride and other people have been coming up to me all day since I left school telling me their graduation year and stuff meanwhile I’m yelling “stranger danger” on the inside.

I ate hella stuff today and I am honestly ashamed, I know every now and then you’re supposed to pig out sometimes or you’ll go insane but i honestly overdid it and i plan on not eating much for the rest of the night.

I just got Justin Bieber’s new single Sorry and everyone is like omg, its for Selena, and I’m like I feel like its more for his fans. Honestly he’s been gone from his music career for so long he’s kinda neglected his fans, a bit. We love his voice and I’m glad he’s back.

I’m going pumpkin carving tomorrow because its something I’ve never actually done, like ever. I mean what kind of child goes without pumpkin carving? What kind of life is this?

I’m seriously gonna die. There is this cute ass german guy at my school and he plays football , he’s the dopest. He was nominated for homecoming court, and I didn’t even know he existed till today, so I’m like ” Hey, you little gorgeous shit! Where the HELL did you COME FROM? Where have you been all my life?

This paint really makes my face still stiff. And my computer’s on 10% and i’m too lazy to put it on the charger. Nothing else really happened today, talked about conspiracy theories in history and made me paranoid as fuck. Literally, I’m not afraid of horror movies but I love them. I DO NOT FUCK WITH CONSPIRACY THEORIES WITH SOME EVIDENCE! How do you explain JFK’s death? you can’t exactly… ILLUMINATI. I mean come on guys its on our dollar bill, presidents literally say “A New World Order” in their presidential addresses.

P.S. If you don’t hear from me after this… Blame the government.



So leave me some comments and stuff okay,byeee

Peace Out Homies



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