Blame It on the Al-Al-Al-Algebra

Okay so its been nearly 3 mo. since I last updated, where the fuck have I been? Oh that’s right school, I am in my currently in my junior year of high school (yay.) and I am taking 3 AP classes so I constantly have my hands on homework of some kind. Please don’t be pissed at me, I can only do so much and I’m gonna try to be more active here. This is gonna have to be short because I’m in the library and I have to leave in like 10 minutes. But, the point of my message isn’t to joke around today. Today in health we discussed a topic near and dear to my heart, suicide. Its a dirty word that we all need to talk about, be aware of the signs okay because people lie and say they are okay when in fact they aren’t. If you yourself feel that way, you’re not alone okay, talk to someone and realize that even in your darkest moments someone is there for you, even if its a hotline you have to call. I love you all and I’m sure someone else does too.

P.S. Adams Song by Blink 182 made me almost cry, song is so sad omg but its good.

P.S.S. Phoenix by A$AP Rocky is also super sad.

Next Time there shall be no sadness

Peace homie ❤️


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