Long Time No Update.

Hey y’all beautiful readers,

I haven’t updates in almost a full month and I’m a little shit because of it. I’m truly deeply sorry that my life is so incredibly boring that I can’t even write about it. I just returned from Ocean City, MD and it was pretty cool. For those of you whom have no idea where or what Ocean City is, it’s basically the Virginia Beach of Maryland. It’s really pretty and all and omg the number of hot guys there that I could never even dream of approaching.

I really did consider trying to talk to a guy ya know to get my dad and stepmom off my case and maybe have some fun *wink wink* and by fun I mean Netflix marathons and cuddling, cause cuddling is fun. BUT I was literally surrounding by kids under 14 and they wouldn’t stop following me, but considering those children were my cousins and my little sister it’s kinda understandable. But they were and to this day are, the ultimate vagina blocks (lol see what I did there… I’m such a loser) literally if I  looked at a guy all the girls would be like “AWWW Kaela has a crush” or “Kaela is he your future baby daddy” and my first thought is who taught my nine-year old cousin this? Who has corrupted her? But I probably slipped up somewhere down the line and called somebody my future baby daddy in front of her and didn’t realize it. Now the worst part of it all is that no guy and I mean NO GUY wants to try to ask a girl out when she’s surrounded by 5 kids, sure none of them sprang from my womb but to other people that may not matter. Which sucks because my Wattpad is full of recommendations of beach romances and I’m just like NOoOoO.

So apparently everybody hates Madison Beer for whatever reason but I don’t really have a damn clue who she is, I mean she was found by Justin Bieber and she sings, right. Other than she dates Jack Gilinksy (go ahead sigh dreamily, ya know you want to) I really don’t know much about her and it seems everyone hates her. It’s honestly so damn cray cray that I haven’t been on Twitter for a few days. You know how Twitter recommends people for you to follow, so here I am minding my business and I see a page called @SluttyBeer on Twitter (they may have changed the name since I reported it) anyway it was so hateful it made me cry, and I’m a complete bitch + asshole combo and I don’t cry like that. Why the hell is it okay to pull each other down like this, it’s fucked up. How are women supposed unite when we feel the constant need to be better than one another? So can we just take 5 minutes of our day to make someone else feel better in hopes they’ll pass it on. Like SHIT telling someone to kill themselves for being happy in a relationship is okay?! Maybe she did something terrible and I missed out on it but everybody makes mistakes. NO ONE DESERVES TO BE TREATED LIKE THAT!

So my grandma and I were in a market and there was picture of Kylie Jenner on a magazine, everybody that knows me knows I love Kylie she was gorgeous before she made changes and she’s still beautiful now. Anyway she basically called Kylie a whore because she made some changes to herself and I argued that no one is calling Jane Fonda or Micheal Jackson (Rest in Peace) a whore! They all made changes to themselves and yet no one is calling them names left and right. She was insecure and now she’s happy so we all should be happy, it’s NONE of our damn business anyway what she chooses to do with her body because it ain’t ours to worry about. Do you want someone picking at your every look and every decision the way they pick at her, of course not so think before you speak.

But really my life has been boring, I have started up using my Wii again because I have this Jillian Micheals workout I adore, even though it makes me sweat and feel like a lazy piece of crap. Plus I’ve been using Wii Fit Plus equipment and stuff to ultimately track my weight and keep me on track for my goal because it is so easy to lose focus of it.

Now i’m not hideous and I’m not extremely obese but I have some fat on me I don’t like, everybody has the thing they don’t like about themselves and mine is my body shape in particular, with my body shape fat grows and stores easily so for the past year or so I have been giving it my all and I am happy to say I lost a good 15 pounds. But when I went to Ocean City this summer I didn’t go to the Ocean more than once even though I was just across the boardwalk from it. I hate the way I look in swimsuits because it puts everything in display, all the work I need to do. But I walked the beach at night in my comfy shorts and t-shirts because I felt better about myself then. Although I’m not happy now one day I will be and I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t give up, sometimes it seems like you’ll never get where you want to be or that you’re wasting your time but I promise that you aren’t and keep striving to reach your goal because like the late Miley Cyrus said ” Always gonna be another mountain, always gonna wanna make it move, always gonna be an uphill battle sometimes you’re gonna have to lose, ain’t about how fast I get there, ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side. It’s the Climb”  just remember that when you feel like giving up, hell I sing it in the middle of a workout to remind myself.

Guess who turned 16 as of July 12, yup this hoe. So now I can … Apply for a job woah! I’m gonna try to see if mi padre will let me work during the school year so I’ll have some cash saved up for the beach next summer.

A little advice from the KMaster here, if you’re wearing a one piece bathing suit please, please cover your whole body in sunscreen before putting on the swimsuit so you don’t have shitty looking tan lines. I hate tan lines (I am mixed so tanning makes me look like a blackberry) I fell asleep on the beach last year and I was so dark that my tan lines looked like white paint and it was ugly. I left my glasses on so even my face had tan lines so I had to wait extra 30 or so minutes with my glasses off so basically my face was black as hell and my body was dark.

Another tid-bit if you’re looking for a good whitining toothpaste get the Colgate Optic White kind because it works fast and I can tell when I take pictures or look in the mirror that they are whiter.

I’m gonna make sure I update tomorrow even if I’m just ranting about random shit on the Internet.

p.s  you’re beautiful and more than good enough don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.




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